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Monday, April 24, 2006

Is housework degrading?

I used to think so,!! now I'm a 20 year old living on my own havin to handle everyday chores and home errands on my own..but things weren't like this before...As a kid -until I was 19-i used sit around like a princess doing asolutely nothing around the house and vainly thinking "Oh it's no big deal" house wrork's among the easiest things to do in the world..i'm gonna have plenty of time in the "so called" future to learn it..or i even remember havin these ideas that housework only belonged to housewives.....But when I had to live all by myself havin nobody else to help me, I realized how hillariosely I had taken the signifcance of it for granted. And how important it is to be able to handle the everyday chores yourself,,and I'm telling you this was sth I learned the hard way bcuz I couldn't even handle my personal stuff previousely. And I know a lot of you young girls don't either.
I think as young girls 'n boys we should bear in mind that hosework might seem downgrading,unimportant and not so necessary, but I'm telling you:
Learn when you still can. (It's gonna boost your maturing process)

Friday, March 10, 2006

about me!

Hi…I'm an Iranian 20 year old girl writing an essay for an essay writing course held in university,I'm studying English literature for the time being in an all girl university of Iran-Tehran,I also studied for one year in the university of Mashad-where my parents live..In highschool I used to study mathematic,I didn’t know much about literature before I entered university, therefore I couldn't enjoy it as much as I do now,when I entered university however I changed my mind to a great extent..beforehand I used to think that my major(English literature) deals only with English,but now I know it's not…literature has made me see a lot of things I couldn't see before,It has opened and sharpened my senses and has expanded my awareness , I also work as a part-time English teacher ..teaching was also among the things that changed me a lot,I know a lot more 'bout people and how to deal with them,I can make decisions faster than before all in all my job has made me grow maturer ,however the pay is not very good and a lot of times I feel an excessive frustration, I hope it's nothing but a fleeting moment…
My greatest obsession in life is art ,,absolutely everything about art,to me art is the overflowing of self,when the water overflows from a cup it'll seep,when a person's soul overflows he demonstrates his ego in terms of art.literature is also an art ..that's probabely the very reason I like it..
ah.. right, and this is the picture of the first 5star hotel made in Iran after our revollution the Homa hotel #2, when I was younger I used to hang out there with my friends a lot, It may not quite look like a local hang out place,but it was...

Ok..enough about me I'll tell u more about what I know,what I've been through and in short what I am..later
So long then till then